We At FAO Where You At?


I am overjoyed that I was invited to hangout with Northside Connection. My first thought was cool thinking it was another lounge or bar. Honestly, I am over it going to lounges and bars. I was open to the invite since I was personally invited by my favorite person Dough. It’s nothing like hanging with the Northside Connection Crew. We are always lit and having a good time.

When I found out FAO was an arcade for adults with a bar. I was lit ready to fuck some shit up. Since I am a gamer myself I knew this place was it for me. As the hours went by I was counting down to enjoying being a kid. This spot is a hidden gem and all adults should take advantage and let loose to being an overgrown kid. No shame I am an overgrown kid myself. Pause, I have to mention that my husband, Nick, came out on a work day. This is rare and he made the sacrifice knowing that we were going to an arcade hangout spot for adults. He was not about to miss the opportunity of greatness.

Can I please share how scary I am attending any event downtown Houston? It's the parking for me. I am terrified of getting my Jeep towed, lol. The parking was easy and straight to the point. We paid $2 for 2 hours. You can not beat that on a weekday.

As we approached FAO, we opened the doors, there was an alarm sound that gave me a heart attack of excitement. I was like wait what's going to happen next, lol. I was so excited that I ignored the elevator. I walked the stairs up to the 3rd floor. Oh, yes, I was huffing and puffing. Sweaty and regret my decision to choose the stairs over the elevator. As sweet and kind my husband was, he fanned my sweat away, lol. Anyways!!!

As we approached the third floor, my eyes lit up with greatness. There were so many game stations, lights, and shiny things at the bar. I had adult and kid-like vibes at the first sight. Hubby and I looked at each other and instantly said this is our spot. I looked for the crew and ordered a drink. Let's say that drink was fire. Nick called it a blood bag. We watched too much Vampire Diaries, lol. Nick instantly went to Mario Kart, y'all they have Mario Kart!!! They had old school games to name one Pac-Man on a big screen!

Shoutout to Cheryl our Bartender, she was so dope and relatable. I loved the fact she was so personable and business at the same time. I feel like I can tell her my life story and get advice from her. She's so beautiful and lit with joy and professionalism.

Time was going by so fast that I wasn't ready to leave yet, but before we left. We had the pleasure meeting a new Trainee that cleaned the bathrooms at FAO. No, judgment we all start somewhere to get to where we desire to go! We chatted about how much I loved FAO and I see myself coming back as a regular. I would never have thought someone would create such a vibe for adults. Look, there's this thing that adults do not play video games and that is an absolute lie. Anyways the Trainee I was speaking to was the owner of FAO, hahaha. I knew something was off when Cheryl, our lovely Bartender, made a gesture. I was like wait a minute. You are no trainer. I blurted out, "are you the owner?" He responded, “Yeah, I’m the Owner.” I just knew it and I loved the sense of humor he displayed. I knew the owner of this place had to be a big kid like myself, lol!

Adonis, the Owner of FAO, treated my husband and I to drinks. We truly appreciated the gifts, the entertainment and friendliness.
You can find FAO on Instagram and Facebook.www.faohtx.com


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