The Jeep Parade for Blaklee


I was invited to an event by Samantha from Houston Jeepers at the last minute. I did not have to ponder on my decision to attend the Jeep Parade for Blaklee in Galveston, Texas. The parade was held on June 11, 2023 at Weis Middle School. Why was this parade organized for Blaklee? This parade was requested by Blaklee, her last wish surrounded by family and friends, who have terminal cancer. The Jeep community came together to celebrate Blaklee with love, joy and kindness. When this invite was presented to me, I was a bit afraid to attend. Because children are so innocent and precious. I never experienced being a part of something so big for a little girl with terminal cancer. I didn’t know how my emotions would flow since I am very sensitive to children’s circumstances. I want to give you my personal intake on the event from the meetup at Buc-ee's in Texas City to Weis Middle School for The Jeep Parade for Blaklee.

    I drove from Northside Houston to Texas City alone which is a very big deal to me. Because my husband is always tagging along, but since he wasn’t able to attend. I stepped out on my own to celebrate a beautiful little girl that is strong and brave throughout her journey.
I arrived at Buc-ee’s at 10:16 am. I connected with some awesome people and children before pulling off. It’s nothing like a group of people with different backgrounds coming together making a child’s wish come true. We all were on one page making the Jeep Parade for Blaklee happen. At Buc-ee’s I witnessed so much love, joy and excitement for what to come as we moved along to Weis Middle School to celebrate with Blaklee.
We traveled almost 30 minutes to Weis Middle school and I would say traffic wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was a nice flow to Blaklee like God was on our side making sure our intentions to bring joy to Blaklee happened. When we finally made it to the school, I saw Blaklee under a beautiful leafy shaded tree with her family and nurses. I start to tear up. I got my act together. I wanted her to see my smiling face that gave love and appreciation of her strength. As I approached Blaklee while smiling and waving. She waves back with a sparkle in her eyes after I drove by another tear dropped from my eye. This tear was from the sparkle in Blaklee’s eyes.
The only thing I regretted is not bringing my children that are 6 and 7 years old. They would have loved the love given to Blaklee and appreciate the great things that were done for her. Overall the event was great, well organized, and it had a purpose that was seen through. Every mile and minute was worth it! Shout-out to all the Jeepers to name a few Jeep Clubs Houston Jeepers and Jeep Girl Mafia that came out to support this sweet child. Prayers for Blaklee, her family and her nurses. Blaklee is loved.

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