I have not one regret going to an Industry Network event hosted by OTM at Space Cowboys Hotel at 100 W Cavalcade St. in Houston. I was  invited by the Houston Hotties Social Hour. I am always grateful and excited when I am invited to be a part of something so great. I attended the event alone as always buuuut it was worth it because I met some great people. 
Nicole was so welcoming as I approached her she introduced me and chit chatted for a bit. I went about my business by supporting vendors that were there.
My first encounter was with Lind. OMG Linda was great and to add she has a great smile, friendly, and confident about her business. I will be setting up my consultation to have her arrange flowers for my front yard. I take a lot of pride in my home, so to welcome her to add more value to it means a lot. I cannot wait to see the outcome. Visit Flowers by Linda’s website at Flowers By Linda to book your consultation today.

I continued to meet other vendors. I walked over to a table. I had no idea what they were selling but I knew it was elegant and classy. My cup of tea! I had the pleasure of meeting Oscar. He's an Esthetician and Pro Laser Technician. Look I have some stubborn chin hairs and it has to go. He did a great job educating me on how I can purchase numbing cream from him to help with the pain of removing my unwanted and bothersome chin hairs. He was so professional and his skin was out of this world. Look for him at The Skin Retreat to book your appointment.
I then had the pleasure to meet Miss Gina. Her setup was my style. She paints, crochet, and makes beautiful bracelets. I bought a bowl that says Sissy Sauce as I think about it why? Oh it was white and pink. I also purchased a crochet pink coin purse. It is so adorable. I had to get it and I did! You can contact Gina at 713-253-1460 you will not be disappointed. 

After leaving Miss Gina, she told me it was a must to see Leah. She sells tea even better; she makes it in a holistic style. I talked to Leah to find out she is vegan and it shows. What had me in ah is that I found myself spilling the tea about my mental and I don’t let many people in. I could talk to Leah forever without seeming like a weirdo, lol. When women first say that loving yourself is always a go for me. It is easier to say it but to do it, it's tough. Let's talk more about Leah’s tea so what do you need? She makes tea for healing, helps with immunity, covid, congestion, provide energy and more. You can find her at Chavez Leah Fit and book your one on one with her today!

My last stop was meeting the owner of OTR.Cosmetics aka On The Rocks Cosmetics. Can we first stop and take the time out on how clever the name of her business is? Oh, and not to mention she is a bartender. I am always for creativity! Her slogan is Beauty, under the influence. Wow!!! I loved the way she was confident about her brand and how it helps women or men's lips from becoming chapped while talking a lot. This will be great for the ones in the customer service field. I am not a lip gloss wearer but she did give me great news that she is working on matte colors bright colors. Since I am not into makeup like I used to be, my lips give out the statement. I cannot wait to purchase from OTR Cosmetics and to top it off the packaging is everything, slick and classy. You can find her at On The Rocks Cosmetics and make your purchase today! 

I ended my night briefly speaking to John Pittman on how I can go about being a vendor. Now for the ones that do not know I am a published romance author working on my 4th book. You can find me at www.authorbougieque.com He was very friendly and opened to contact him via Instagram at Bartender2ceo If you are also interested, please reach out to John Pittman on Instagram. 

Overall my evening was great. I love connecting with people and knowing who they are and where they are going in this life. I am always for coming together for a good cause. It was great meeting all the entrepreneurs and may their journey be successful and full of happiness.  
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