It's Nothing like a Taco Tuesday!


Taco Tuesday is the day I look forward to. This is my second event with Houston Jeepers. Since a great group of Jeeples to be around.
Houston Jeepers are a social group in Houston, Texas. If you are looking to hang, go for it. My personal experience with Houston Jeepers was so welcoming but I should say if you are not a person that goes for it, you may want to look for the director to be introduced. I was able to introduce myself and get to know the people. The cool thing is that they had an ear to listen to and were engaged. Houston Jeepers are racism, drama, and politics free!!! There is no membership fee to be a part of the crew. You are welcome to join their events like Taco Tuesday. I am looking forward to making connections and memories with Houston Jeepers. You may see me in Houston, Texas cruising with their decal showing love and support.

I brought my cousin with me to the second meetup for Taco Tuesday and she enjoyed herself. The food, the vibes, and the warm welcoming. As Scorpios we go out for a great experience. She definitely wants to hang with Houston Jeepers again.

I cannot not mention the dope ass rides. I haven’t seen so many Jeeples customizing their jeeps. I do not feel alone. It is such a treat to see the Jeeps lined up representing each personality and style. I am all for self expression and being true to you. I can say that my Jeep fits right in!!! Also, I cannot forget that there are many two door Jeeps. I don't feel left out. Well having a TJ is better and a classic. I already stand out, but it feels great not being alone.

Checkout the Jeeps below you’re able to see for yourself!

You can find Houston Jeepers on Facebook, Instagram, and their website.

Thank you for a good time!!!


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