Okay, I won't front I was nervous ASF planning my very first event when I was barely known in the Jeep Community. I took a risk and made it happen. I had to choose a jeep group that I knew would support me and see my drive to be successful. I reached out to the President of JEEP GIRL MAFIA to attend my event not knowing if the support was there, but I had that feeling right? I planned with the President of JGM making moves in under 2 hours. We set a date and time. Boom a flyer was created. We had about 2 to 3 weeks to market my event. I indeed impressed the JGM President by giving all necessary information about the event, parking, and cost. I made sure to let the FAO Owner know that we were coming through on the 8th of July and he was all for it. Since we had a great vibe and connection before when Northside Connection invited me to FAO for the first time. Shout out to Dough! I would like to give a little speech to her.

Dough you are beyond great and kind to support me when I made a transition from one Jeep Group to another for business reasons. You have kept the same energy from day one!!! Again thank you for being there for me when you can. 

The day is here and I am setting myself up with a goal of about 10 to 15 people to show up. I am hyped and nervous at the same time. I made sure that Nick and I made it to FAO at least an hour before the event started. Thank God FAO OWNER was there and I made sure to advise that the party will arrive between 6 pm to 2 am. Oh I will never ever do that again. It will definitely be a shorter window. Anyways he gifted me 2 reserved sections. I was definitely appreciative of him. As the guests arrived I provided each of them a Gangsta Bougie Swag Bag. This was an appreciation of my gratitude to them. Giving someone your time and energy is everything. So I made sure to be the best Host they deserved and they got just that. 

We all ate, drank, mingled, and connected. The best part was taking advantage of the arcade. While sitting back taking in the side conversations, drinking, laughter, and playfulness. I was beyond overjoyed how much my supporters understood the assignment. We are adults with a hint of  childishness. Having that balance in life to enjoy the moment with friends and most of all new people. There was so much diversity and I live for diversity. My goal is to have interactive fun, not just sitting at a bar or lounge. Attending meaningless clubs with loud music being overcrowded. I truly thank the ones that came out and allowed themselves to be free and be that child-adult. 

Thank you JEEP GIRL MAFIA,  NORTHSIDE CONNECTION, and my SPONSOR UBYOUU for coming out to support Gangsta Bougie's first event. 

Since I did a phenomenal job I was offered to be an ADVISOR of JEEP GIRL MAFIA and you know I said YES!!! I am so grateful for this opportunity and I cannot wait to bring more meaningful events to Houston. I am ready to show great leadership and fun in the future with JEEP GIRL MAFIA. 

I want to give thanks to my husband Nick for being a great supporter of mine. He's always believing in me and the greatness I have inherited. 


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