First Meet with SPACE CIY JEEP CLUB!!!

My first meet was great and I do not regret driving close to 100 miles per hour to meet the Space City Jeep Club before they called it a night. I took out some time to speak with Sonia of Space City Jeep Club. She was very open to getting to know me briefly and was very welcoming. We chatted about the goals I have when featuring Jeep Club’s events with love and excitement. I was told there is no membership fee and all their events are open to the public. So if you are a Jeeper, you are very welcomed. If you are in Houston and you want to meet a new Jeep Club, Space City Jeep Club is it! I am looking forward going to more events to connect with more members.

I was able to get some footage of the Jeeps lineup and I will say they are very exciting to see. Check it out below.

You can find Space City Jeep Club on Instagram at spacecity_jeepclub


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